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Virtual Recruitment Event - Lunch & Learn
Wednesday Jul 08, 2020 12:00 PM
Wednesday, Jul 08, 2020 01:00 PM

Please join The Junior League of Denver as we discuss the application process, what to expect in your first year and how you can get more involved in the Denver community. Registration to join the league is officially open!

Since this is on a weekday, feel free to either listen to this while you work, over your lunchbreak, at your desk or whatever is easiest for you! Or, if you're still working from home then feel free to have your camera on (your call).

We'll send you the Zoom link the morning of the event so be on the lookout for that. Stay healthy :)

Conference Call
Lauren Butterfield
Ariana, Diana
Avalos, Erica
Barner, Suzanne
Barrett, Mia (738058)
Bartoszewski, Ana
Battalora, Linda (372471)
Becker, Jaime
Bell, Tessa
Blakstad , Tarra
Cossitt-Glesner, Ida
Couch, Katie
Cruz, Katie
Deliere, Samantha
Dickinson, Kelsey
Egleston, Shannon
Eldredge, Sabina
Ferguson, Jenna
Fiore, Danielle
Freeman, Sara (725687)
Fuhrman, Amy
Gilday, Kristina
Gillespie, Christine
Guerrieri, Flynn
Halffield, Kirsten
Halffield, Kirsten
Hall, Miriam
Hanway, Ashley
Haskins, Lana
Haskins, Lana
Haskins, Lana
Hickerson, Taylor
jackson, kathryn
Jones, Katrina
Kilbury, Laura
Kim, Grace
Kitterman, Ilana
Kruszewski, Allison
Lennartz, Erin
Lennartz, Erin
Lepie, Catherine (725607)
Lins, Sandra
Lins, Sandra
Logue , Allie
Mace, Sydney
Maggio, Caitlin
Marlatt, Julie
Miller, Melissa
Miranda, Jessie
Miranda, Jessie
Murphy, Taylor
Neely, Kate
Petty, Heather
Phillips-Cox, Rachel
Plant, Natalie
Ramirez, Sarah
Redwine , Ally B
Reynolds, Niki
Riley, Kat
Ritz, Brittany
Roloff , Rachael
Rosenblum, Hannah
Rupp, Kaycie
Segro, Amanda
Shaw, Ashley
Stits, Abby
Taylor, Shawn
Tice, Whitney
Vitale, Annie
Waddles, Ebony
Waddles, Ebony
Waddles, Ebony
Wilkins, Diana
Wolden, Hilary
Wolden, Hilary