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Virtual Recruitment Event - Sip & Speed Dating
Wednesday Jun 17, 2020 03:00 PM
Wednesday, Jun 17, 2020 04:00 PM

Please join us for afternoon tea (or your choice of beverage) as we do a rapid speed dating type event. You can ask us as many questions as you want in rapid fire form. Please have some questions ready or if you prefer to just sit back and drink your tea, that's fine!

We want you to have all your Junior League of Denver questions answered as we approach the window to sign up to be in the league.

We'll send you the Zoom information prior to the event :)

Conference Call
Linda Battalora
Aeschleman , Roxanne
Aeschleman , Roxanne
Aguilar, Alicia ()
Anaya, Vanessa
Barrett, Mia (738058)
Bobbey, Leah ()
Bosworth, Julie
Brodie, Sydney (749428)
Brown, Lynn
Butterfield, Lauren (725727)
Cheung, Nancy
Chism, Geimi ()
Chlimper, Amy ()
Dunlap, Melissa ()
Elliott, Kelsy
Finco, Nicole
Fiore, Danielle
Gandelman, Diana ()
Grimm, Amy
Hanway, Ashley
Harris, Kristin ()
Henderson, Hannah
Hiatt, Katie
Housley, Kelli
Jones, Katrina
Kilbury, Laura
Kim, Grace
Kriha, Kara
Lam, Caitlin ()
Mangan, Faith
Martin, Ana
May, Erin
Ortega, Sara ()
Rewerts, Michelle
Rodman, Ella
Ruban, Natali
Rudolph, Olivia ()
Simons, Nicole
Smith, Kari
Stack, Hannah ()
Waddles, Ebony (749451)
Waddles, Ebony (749451)
Waddles, Ebony (749451)
Waddles, Ebony (749451)
Watson , Jamie
Webster, Lisa
Wolden, Hilary
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