Pillow Talk with a Purpose - Virtual Recruitment Event
Wednesday Aug 05, 2020 06:00 PM
Wednesday, Aug 05, 2020 07:00 PM

Feel free to wear your favorite pajamas and get extra cozy as we dive into everything associated with Junior League of Denver. Let's be honest, with most people working from home these days, we're pretty tempted to stay in our pajamas and be extra comfortable all day long.

We'll touch on items such as the application process, what to expect in your first year amid Covid-19 and how, as a league, can get more involved in the Denver community.

Just a reminder - registration to join the league is officially open!

Come with questions, comments or concerns. Or if you want to just sit back and listen, you totally can!

We'll send you the Zoom link the morning of the event so be on a lookout for an email then.

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Dudley, Sarah
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Miranda , Jessie
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Waddles, Ebony
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