Virtual Recruitment Event - Wine Down Wednesday
Wednesday Apr 14, 2021 06:00 PM
Wednesday, Apr 14, 2021 07:00 PM

Please join the Provisional Recruitment Committee for a Wine Down Wednesday event where we discuss what to expect in your first year in the league, JLD's core values and answer any questions that you might have in regards to The Junior League of Denver.

Feel free to enjoy your favorite glass of wine, tea or beverage while we discuss The Junior Legue of Denver. We'll email you the Zoom details the day before the event.

Conference Call
Mia Barrett
Ayala, Sarah
Baker, Jordan
Butterfield, Lauren (725727)
Cannady, Marissa
Dempsey, Lexie
Denton , Lizzy
Denton, Tatum
Divita, Victoria
Eaton, Kate
Ferguson, Kelsey
Ferguson, Kelsey
Fronk , Hillary
Gallagher, Georgia
Gallo, Kaylynn
Gallo, Mo
Goodrich, Lia
Grass, Lauren
Hohman, Abbie
Huffstickler, Cali
Kendle, Lauren (664013)
Kober, Maggie
Kotalik, Liz
Lanford, Irene
Mack, Michelle
McNamara, Siobhan
meeks, katherine
meeks, katherine
meeks, katherine
Miller, Rainey
Mora, Jenny
Navarro, Rocio
Niebuhr, Abbey
Nowlin, Samantha
Popovic, Tracy
Regalado, Deanna
Sabala , Betsy
Sanchez, Valarie
Sastry, Bronwyn
Schlesinger , Briana
Schlesinger , Briana
Shepherd, Caitlin
Skinner, Lindsay
Stabo, Lesleigh
Svensson, Stephanie
Sweeney, Kelly
Szewczuga, Alexis
Tamayo, Brittney
Townsend, Gen
Witting, Hannah
Young, Molly
Ziemann, Tiffani
Ziemann, Tiffani
Zimmer, KellyAnn
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