Guided Meditation & Volunteering (Done in a Day, LUVS, fundraising shifts, partner projects)
Wednesday Jun 16, 2021 06:00 PM
Wednesday, Jun 16, 2021 07:00 PM

Please join us for a guided meditation recruitment event. The Provisional Recruitment Committee will guide you through a meditation followed by a discussion on volunteering with The Junior League of Denver - specifically Done in a Day, LUVS, fundraising shifts and partner project.

The event will take place at Wash Park at the corner of E. Louisiana and Gilpin Street. You can park in the South High School parking lot or on the street.

You will need a towel/yoga mat and some water for this event.

Washington Park
701 S Franklin St,
Denver CO 80209
Monica Sutherland
Bolos, Camille
Bolos, Claire
Clack, Tara
Crowe, Samantha (757672)
Dale, Diana ()
Eaton, Kate (757665)
Ferguson, Jenna (749464)
Getchius, Cassaundra
Girtin, Kaitlin
Grass, Lauren (757725)
Henry, Whitney
Maribe Branch, Kitso
Maribe Branch, Kitso
Maribe Branch, Kitso
McNulty, Molly
Minnick, Jennifer (757698)
Murphy, Bridget (757664)
Ritter, Myranda (757761)
Saffir, Robin
Skinner, Lindsay
Smith, Melissa
Smith, Melissa
Svensson, Stephanie
Sweeney, Kelly (757699)
Townsend, Gen (757694)
Watson, Jamie (757766)
Witt, Cynthia
Wong, Gichuan (725683)
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