Virtual Recruitment Event - Favorite League Memory & Info Session
Wednesday Jul 14, 2021 06:00 PM
Wednesday, Jul 14, 2021 07:00 PM

Please join the Provisional Recruitment Committee as we discuss some of our favorite memories thus far in the league. We plan on discussing what it looks like in your first year in the league, ways to get involved in the committee and to answer any questions you might have.

Be on a lookout for an email 24 hours before the event with Zoom details.

Conference Call
Monica Sutherland
Bass, Connie
Breen, Tricia
Briers, Jacqueline
Briers, Jacqueline
Dadabhoy, Natasha
Davies, Laura ()
Ferguson, Kelsey (757726)
Flynn, Maryanne
Gallagher, Georgia
Garin, Eleanor (757707)
Garin, Eleanor (757707)
Handlovitch, Shawn (757703)
Humphrey, Cindy
Hurley, Shannon
Hurley, Shannon
Johns, Casey ()
Jones, Colleen
Long, Savannah ()
LOPEZ, RACHEL (757709)
Maribe Branch, Kitso
Minnick, Jennifer (757698)
Mitchell, Marci
O'Connor, Danielle (757690)
Ostovic, Maria
Paris, Afton
Putter, Stefanie
Randles, Crystal
Raney, Heather
Roberts, Andrea (675413)
Saettel, Jennifer
Shockley, Darby
Slattery, Jessica
Stabo, Lesleigh (757728)
Sweat, Mackenzie
Swope, Allison
Todd, Susie
Todd, Susie
Williams, Kat (757659)
Wink, Tina
Wolf, Emily
Wong, Gichuan (725683)
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