Virtual New Member Recruitment Happy Hour
Monday Apr 03, 2023 05:30 PM
Monday, Apr 03, 2023 06:30 PM

Join us for our first recruitment event of 2022! Learn a little bit about the Junior League of Denver - What we stand for, our first year commitments, and get to meet some of the amazing women in the organization. Come with a glass of wine (or any drink of choice) and any questions you may have!

Conference Call
Denver CO 80222
Laura Schwiesow
Last_Name, First_Name

Bistline, Whitney

Brill, Kat

Chenault, Courtney

Churchwell, Lauren

Combs, Jennifer

Davila-Rendon, Natalie

Davis, Allison

Duffney, Lindy

Egan, Blakesley

Elving, Alison

Escareno, Hannah

Goudy, Brooke

Hall, Christine

Hill, Katherine

Hunter, Parke

Kobobel, Carol

Kriha, Kara

Matusz, Mary

Patrick, Mackenzie

Piaui Graf, Bruna

Ramsdell, Darby

Reimer, Addyson

Scott, Desirea

Senty, Atalie

Seymour, Hadley

Simmons, Sallie

Snyder, Baylee

Sutor, Rhonda

Tiedtke, Kathy

Tompkins, Gillian

Trollinger, Joelle

Wiley, Sara