Our custom JLD 2016 and 2017 Christopher Radko ornaments were both designed by Allison Mendes Johnson, a JLD member. In both ornaments, you will notice the presents usually found in Santa’s bag or under the tree have been replaced with books to represent the League's current community focus to improve literacy rates and provide access to books for children through the third grade in Denver. Each ornament is not only a beautiful holiday keepsake you can treasure for years to come but is also a symbol of the League's staunch commitment to bettering our community. Purchase the 2017 ornament for $35, the 2016 ornament for $30, or both for $60. If you purchase online, please pick up at JLD Headquarters. If you need to discuss shipping, please email Alyssa Russo at fundraising@jld.org. Thank you for your support! 

Quantity Price Name
$35.00 2017 JLD Christoper Radko Ornament
$30.00 2016 JLD Christoper Radko Ornament
$60.00 2016 & 2017 JLD Christoper Radko Ornament Bundle